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A Tribute to Ancient Cultures 2012

A Tribute to Ancient Cultures 2012

The origins of my work are the bridges between the vibrant technological world of the 21 century and the old art worlds which are full of silent splendor. These bridges brought me to try and trace, with actual means of today, the art creation of old times using ethnic and worship motives.

I created 5 totems when every one represents another old culture in which the “heads” are made of clay using geometrical lines and a “body” using clay and bronze.


The totems are:


Europe (Italy) 8-5 century bc. Container with images from day to day life. Clay and bronze 50x50 x80.


Indians: America, west coast, 15 century until today. Totem clay and bronze.


Inkas: South America, Peru, 1000-1532ac.  Mythological motives are taken from the textile garment. Clay and bronze, Round d30h140.


Egypt 3100-1164 bc. Sarkofogy with hyroglific letters. Clay and bronze 35x70x145.


Moguls: India 16-19 century. Taken from Indian mythology- Ganesh the god with the head of an elephant shape. Clay and bronze, round d100.



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